• 13:00
    Calm views of the ocean and various islands both large and small, can be seen on the ferry to Teshima.
  • 15:00
    Arrive at Umitota
  • 15:30
    UMITOTA in the daytime
  • 16:00
    Various museums are located throughout the island such as the “Teshima Art Museum” (photographed is the café section), and the “Teshima Yokoo House.”
  • 17:00
    The flowers, lemon trees, and cats of the island
  • 18:00
    UMITOTA in the evening
  • 19:00
    As the sun sets, the mood of the room changes.
  • 7:30
    UMITOTA in the morning
  • 8:00
    Enjoying a peaceful breakfast that is delivered to the inn.


Reservations are accepted from 1st, 2 months before the month of stay.

Contact: Tel.0879-68-3386 (9:00-18:00)
/ Mail. info@umitota.jp