We offer private house-style accommodation where visitors can enjoy their stay at their own pace and style while embracing the simple and rustic nature of Teshima. Such as the terrace that extends from the rice fields on the south side to the Seto Inland Sea on the north, the bathrooms with views looking out over the ocean, and a small library , visitors can find various places within the house to relax in pleasant comfort. 

In addition, depending on the time and season, visitors are welcome to experience more active means of stay including taking part in the planting and harvesting of rice as well as gathering vegetables, and cooking in the house’s large kitchen.

Direction / Design

The direction of UMITOTA was overseen by fashion designer Akira Minagawa, while inviting Shinichiro Ogata with whom Minagawa had been closely acquainted with, to work on the design. The plans for the project had been considered through a repeated discussion and dialogue between these two creative minds. 

The accommodation’s interior incorporates the fabrics of minä perhonen, and a selection of carefully hand-picked items serve to make one’s stay special.


    Akira Minagawa

    Born in 1967, Tokyo. Founded minä, a fashion brand, in 1995 (the name was changed to minä perhonen in 2003). With the imaginative creative process and detailed drawings, he has designed numerous textiles for his own brand and the other manufactures such as Kvadrat of Denmark, KLIPPAN of Sweden.
    His creation goes beyond fashion and also towards lifestyle, on which he sees a wide range of possibility to design. He offers illustrations for newspapers and magazines, and some other picture books.

  • Shinichiro Ogata

    Established Simplicity Co., Ltd. in 1998. Pursuing the concept of redefining the next generation of Japanese culture and design, Ogata has developed his own establishments including the Japanese dining club and tea house Yakumo Saryo, the Japanese confectionery brand HIGASHIYA, and the product line S[es]. In addition to his own company’s brands, Ogata is responsible for the design and direction of a wide range of projects in architectural, interior, product, graphic, and packaging design. In 2004, he took charge of the architectural and spatial design for Sansou Murata in Yufuin. In 2008, he managed the direction and overall design for the paper tableware series WASARA. In 2011, he completed the interior and spatial design for The University Museum, the University of Tokyo’s INTERMEDIATHEQUE. He published three books, HIGASHIYA (Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.) in 2015, Jiki-fu in 2016 (University of Tokyo Press) and nenge in 2017 (Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.).


For dinner, please use restaurants on the island such as the “Umi no Restaurant” situated at a close walk from the accommodation facility.
“Umi no Restaurant” offer on Italian a la carte for dinner.
The restaurant welcomes visitors with fresh seasonal ingredients of the day, such as seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea and homegrown vegetables. (Reservation requiered)

A simple self-service breakfast in Western style cuisine will be delivered to the facility in the morning.

  • Ishihara Shinya

    Born in Hyogo Prefecture

    After studying French, Italian, in pizzerias, and in bars in Japan and abroad, he will take up the position of head chef at the Sea’s Restaurant in April 2023.
    He is grateful for the bounty of Setouchi, which he can see from his kitchen, and express the richness of each season in the dishes.
    What he aims for is neither a high-class special feeling nor simple comfort.
    His goal is to provide meals that are once-in-a-lifetime, full of charm, and that can only be found at the Sea’s Restaurant on Teshima. 

  • The restaurant offers a selection of natural wines in addition to sake and craft beer from neighboring regions.  
  • The restaurant will accommodate food allergy preferences as much as possible.


  • Price(Standard Plan)

    Room charges 99,000yen + 11,000yen per adult (Mini Breakfast included)

    Please check here for Price list. 

    Number of Guests / A maximum of 6 people can stay at the facility
    Check-in / 15:00~18:00
    Check-out / 11:00

    • Junior high school students and above will be charged an adult fee.
    • Up to one child below elementary school age are able to sleep with one adult. (Free/ Max. 3 persons)
      A fee of 11,000 yen is charged for children who require extra bedding.
    • Room charge does not include dinner.
    • A breakfast will be delivered to the accommodation in the morning.
  • “Light Plan”, which is offered on a limited day, is 5,500 yen per adult.
    For details, please check for 【Reservation】.

  • Facilities

    Bathroom, Western style toilets, Kitchen, Air Conditioner, In-floor Heating, Fridge, Wi-Fi, Bedding (Futon), Sofa, Hair Dryer, Towels,Pajamas, Slippers, Dining and Cooking Utensils, Bluetooth Audio, Bicycles

    • Please be advised that all rooms are non-smoking.
  • Amenities

    Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Tooth Brush, Razor, Hairbrush, Cleansing Oil

  • Cancellation Charge

    Please refer to our Terms of Service


Reservations are accepted from 1st, 2 months before the month of stay.

Contact: Tel.0879-68-3386 (9:00-18:00)
/ Mail.