Autumn in Teshima arrives with the harvest of rice.
The golden rice terraces create a beautiful contrast with the rich blue of the ocean.
The local residents of the island participate in the autumn festival and eve festival in October, and the harvest festival that is held in the rice fields in November.
Visitors may encounter residents parading the island’s streets with a traditional Mikoshi (portable shrine).

  • At the autumn festival that pays thanks to the rich harvest, a Taikodai (large float used to carry traditional festive drums) is dedicated to the Teshima Hachiman Shrine.
  • Folk music of the Ise region and the sound of drums that echo throughout the island, remind people of the arrival of autumn.
  • Cleansing one’s body with water from the ocean, and the gift of dried sardines to festival participants, are also traditions that are unique to Teshima.
  • After being carried through the village, seaside, and fields, the Taikodai is returned to the Ieura Hachiman Shrine with a spectacular dedication ceremony.


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